Sale: Bern Helmet for Ladies: Lenox (Hard Hat) Winter 2013-2014


Bern Helmet for Ladies

Lenox Winter 2013-2014

-Hard Hat


  • Matte Grey/Mint Green Brim w/Grey Liner
  • Matte Turquoise w/White Liner

About Hard Hat:
Available Models: Watts, Lenox, Macon and Brighton
Shell: Burly ABS shell specifically designed Brock Foam
Impact Foam:New and improved soft and breathable Brock foam for multiple lo-impact protection
Feature: Brock is a porous closed cell foam which allows air and moisture to circulate through the foam and out the lid, keeping you cool and dry.
Standards:*Hard Hats do not meet action sports head protection standard. Hard Hats are designed to help protect against multiple lower force impacts
Traditional ski helmets generally follow the rule of, “One and done.” This means that if you get in a collision while wearing your helmet, chances are it’s no longer as safe as it was before the accident, as the construction has been compromised. For example, for a lot of skier and snoboarders who spend their time in terrain parks, minor falls are just part of the game. As you can imagine, it’d be really annoying, as well as expensive, to have to buy a new helmet every time you fell in the park. That’s why there’s the Hard Hat helmet, which is capable of handling numerous low impact collisions, without becoming too damaged to use again.


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