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CEBE Fireball Helmet

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The CEBE Fireball Helmet is set with two types of visor: Lemon Yellow (Cat1) for Snowy, low light conditions and a Flush Mirror lens (Cat3) for bright sunny conditions.  Each visor is integrated in the helmet and can be used as goggles.


  • Removable ear pads: increased adaptability to conditions
  • Lining: The detachable, machine-washable Soft Fleece lining
  • ABS CONSTRUCTION: Classic construction delivering a high level of impact protection and perforation resistance.Ultra-strong hard plastic shell (ABS)EPS internal shell that manages, absorbs and diffuses impacts as with an in-mold helmetInner lining is thermoregulated, breathable and made of a durable fabric for maximum comfort.
  • Weight: 530g
  • In-mold construction: This construction ensures strong protection and comfort is maintained in this lightweight helmet. The outer layer of the shell is made from polycarbonate for compact strength. The inner shell is manufactured with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam for low weight and shock absorption.


Today Cébé works both technically and stylishly alongside all sportsmen and women looking for pure adrenalin experiences. For all those who love ancestral know-how and the authenticity of the great outdoors, the brand is also essential to all those who love strong sensations. The fact that the brand is so successful is also due to its mindset: it resolutely sets its face to the future; Cébé is constantly looking for new horizons to conquer!

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