Patagonia Worn Wear Programme

Patagonia was founded on three non negotiable principles: 

to build the best products
do no unnecessary harm
to use business to inspire solutions to the environmental crisis

An exciting new initiative from Patagonia is their Worn Wear programme.  This project encourages you to replace or repair old products and then seek seeks to ensure that they are recycled.

This act seems to go against commercialism.   However, we share Patagonia’s approach. Ryan Gellert, European Head of Patagonia once introduced his thoughts by saying that ‘Patagonia clothing is a state of mind, not just about sales.  We here at Raijin Sports follow this mind-set and encourage our customers to bring back any Patagonia products which need to be repaired.   

Should you have any inquiries about Patagonia Worn Wear Progarmme or wish to make an appointment to bring back your Patagonia clothes for repair, please contact us at 

Reference: The Daily Telegraph, issued on 4 May 2015