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  1. Regarding the order #14439, I would like to cancel the order and change it to “”.
    Is it possible to change the order?

  2. Hello,

    I would like to purchase REUSCH VOLCANO GTX® GLOVE size 10 shipped to the United States. Is that possible?

    Thank you,

    1. Dear Mr. Henry,
      Thank you so much for your message.
      If you could show us the post code, then, will check the shipping fee.
      If you are happy with the price in total, yes, we will send you the invoice through PayPal.
      Thank you so much
      Faithfully yours
      Raijin Sports

      1. Hi, I am interested in this item in feather grey, medium.

        On the size it states regular fit however on the Patagonia website it states this product is a slim fit.

        Are these two different products? I’d appreciate your clarification.


  3. Hello,

    I ordered a snowboard online this evening (5th of January). It has to be shipped to Belgium, are there any details yet about the date of arrival?

    Thank you very much.

  4. This evening (5th of January) I ordered a snowboard from the brand IMPERIVM.

    It has to be shipped to Belgium. Is it possible to have some delivery information (estimate date of arrival)?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Dear Mr. Deklarck
      I am so sorry for our belated reply here.
      We have booked the delivery with DPD/Interparceltoday, 6 Jan, and tomorrow, 7 Jan, we are planning to hand out the parcel to the shipping company: DPD/Interparcel.
      Your tracking number for this order is GB8166991233 and you can follow the progress of your parcel at
      The estimated delivery date is the 10th Jan.
      I will keep this information up to date till the delivery.
      Thank you so much
      Faithfully yours

  5. Hi,

    I have been trying to order ski-socks (x 4), However, your checkout adds £4.95 flat rate shipping, then PayPal adds a further £9.90. Is this correct please?

    Kind regards

    1. Dear Mr. Lee,
      I am so sorry that there are some issues on our website.
      I will look at it.
      All the best wishes

      1. Dear Mr. Lee,
        We have fixed the problem.
        So, if you have encountered another one, please contact us at any time.
        Thank you so much
        Faithfully yours
        Raijin Sports

  6. Thank you for your help yesterday with the goggle’s. I looked at my old ones today and think they will do for my quick ski trip this year. I will replace them next ski season and be back to your shop.

    1. Hello,

      I’d like to buy the baby boardshorts

      Delivery of £5 seems like a lot for a single tiny pair of shorts – is it possible to do a reduced level when it’s such a small item?


  7. Hi,

    Could you confirm you have the blue medium Patagonia Nano-Air Hoody Jacket in stock still?



  8. Hi there I’m looking at buying a jacket but I need it sent with next day delivery, can you offer this for an arranged price?
    Thank you

  9. Hello,

    Do you stock the Patagonia R1 TechFace Hoody?

    Kind regards,

  10. Hi there,
    I have just ordered some patagonia shorts. Order number- 15570 size 34 in blue.
    I am really hoping these will arrive before the weekend? Is this possible?
    Many thanks,
    Thomas Hague

  11. Is this bag available? On one page it says it is, but later on says it isnt?


  12. Gostaria de saber quanto ficaria o envio para o Brasil – Rio de janeiro
    Capacete Cebe contest visor pro

  13. Dear Sir, Madam,
    I might have overlooked it; could your provide the inseam lenght (inside leg)for Patagonia men´s torrentshell pants in sizes M and L, respectively?
    Also, could you find out for me the sleeve-to-sleeve-lenght of the Patagonia insulated powder bowl jacket, size M?
    Best regards

  14. I see your returns extended for Christmas?

  15. Hi
    You have a pair of blue Patagonia untracked pants advertise on your site, however some of the pictures are of powslayer pants. Which do you have in stock?

  16. Hi. I’m looking to buy the Patagonia descensionist pack. 31litre Large. The relevant page does not specify if you have large or small or how to choose. Can you clarify?

  17. Hi

    May I ask if you still have any Patagonia Khaki baggie shorts for 19.95. It allows me to add them to basket but then they disappear. I would love to purchase a couple of pairs if possible.


  18. I’ve set a direct debit up and I just want to authorise it and go through with it how do I do this

  19. Is your store open? I’m in Fulham and walked by your store.

  20. Do you ship to Singapore? I am getting the Patagonia Black Hole Tote 25L.
    Thank you

  21. Hi, I’m just wondering if the shop and the online store are still trading?
    I’d like to order some items, but can’t see any replies to the above questions or get an answer from your telephone number.
    Please can you confirm if I can still order goods from you?

  22. Hello,

    I would like to inquire if a normal shipping to Italy (Postcode 39012) without custom clearance is still possible since things have changed in 2021.

    I would like to order this:

    Let me know. Thank you.

    Michael Goegele

  23. Helo do you happren to have this in Pepper green? PATAGONIA PATAGONIA BLACK HOLE® GEAR TOTE 61L

  24. Hi
    Can I just check please that you have the size medium in the Patagonia Men’s Down Sweater that you have on sale at £129.95?


    Regards Kevan

  25. Hello- Can you provide a shipping quote to the USA for the Patagonia Descentionist Backpack. Zip code 83002.

  26. Hello

    I would like to buy a full zip Patagonia fleece (size small).
    What would you have in stock please?

    Many thanks

    Kind regards

    Dorothee Rougier

  27. Robert Pennington hello , are the Reusch volcano glove still in stock , size 9. How much to ship to Canada , V3h0b3? Thank you

    1. Dear Mr. Pennington,
      Thank you so much for your email.
      The said product in size 9 is still available.
      If you could show us the Zip-Code in your shipping address, we can show you the exact shipping fee.
      I have just check the price with the zip-code in Montreal, if we choose the Fedex, it is £27.50.
      There are cheeper options but, about £20.
      So, what I can do for your possible purchase, I can reduce the price of the product from £169.95 to £160.
      So that, the total payment becomes 187.50. *The customer fee in your country is your responsibility.
      By the way, may I ask you about your email address?
      I sent you the email earlier though, but it was not deliverable.

      Hope that my writing above is made in order.
      Should you have any inquiry in this regard, please contact us at any time on this address.
      Faithfully yours

  28. morning.
    Delivery to Brazil?
    phone/whatsapp: +55 22 999811313

  29. Hi there,

    You assisted my boyfriend Liam the other day with his black Patagonia ski jacket. I am looking for similar ladies version in any colour. Please let me know your sizes and prices. I am likely to be a small.

  30. Hello! Do you ship to the United States? I’m interested in:
    Patagonia Black Hole® Mini MLC™ 26L – Classic Navy (CNY), 26L

    My zip code is 52302 in Marion, Iowa. I would need it to arrive to me no later than March 26 for a trip I have coming up.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  31. Hello it’s Natalie. I’ve bought some Bolle goggles and the anti fog is not working, I came to the shop a couple of weeks ago with my husband and we bought them with a bunch of other items. I was wondering if I could buy the replacement lens to click into the goggles from you:
    Many thanks

  32. Hi team, I’d like to check out the Patagonia black hole 32l backpack in black in store.. is this possible to view in store? I’d like to see it in person before I buy.

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