Cébé CONTEST VISION, Black Matte – Orange Flash Mirror Cat.2


CONTEST VISION Black Matte – Orange Flash Mirror Cat.2

More and more people are wearing helmets, both for skiing and snowboarding, and for very good reasons. Protecting your head is one of them, but the best ski helmets also help keep your head warm and airy. The Cébé CONTEST VISION, with its lightweight In-Mold construction, keeps you warm and protects, while its passive ventilation system gives you cooling ventilation when you need it. This ski helmet is equipped with removable ear cups, washable lining and a Fine Tuning Fit system, which allows it to adapt to all sizes and face shapes.



  • Removable ear pads: increased adaptability to conditions
  • Lining: The detachable, machine-washable lining uses 3D mesh panels for improved breathability and heat convection. The lining is also extremely durable for lasting performance.
  • Fine Tuning Fit: F.T.F. is a technology that enables the user to make fine adjustments to the fit of the helmet. This means that you can relax or tighten the fit depending on level of activity.
  • In-mold construction: This construction ensures strong protection and comfort is maintained in this lightweight helmet. The outer layer of the shell is made from polycarbonate for compact strength. The inner shell is manufactured with EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam for low weight and shock absorption. Advanced technological construction that provides ultimate protection and comfort in an extra light helmet. Constructed from polycarbonate, the outer layer is extra-strong and extra-light. The Inner shell is manufactured in extra-light EPS absorbs,controls and diffuses impact shocks.Inner lining is thermoregulated, breathable and made of a durable fabric for maximum comfort.
  • Ventilation system: Cébé helmets are all equipped with an integral ventilation system incorporating wide vents which allow fresh air to enter through the top of the helmet. The airflow is then efficiently directed around the head via various channels in the EPS shell. With adjustable systems, the vents also have manual controls for precise regulation of the airflow.


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